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  • Knickerbocker posted 1082 days ago



    You think Bron gonna get that ring this year?

  • Knickerbocker posted 1084 days ago


    What's up bro?!?!?

  • Feel My Johnson posted 1096 days ago

    Feel My Johnson

    Actually fourth, Clippers were third. Also they lost a lot of talent losing Parsons, Asik, and Lin. Also all they got back was a non-contract year Ariza. I think if there was a team in the west that could drop out the playoff picture and replaced by the Suns it would be the Rockets.

  • Feel My Johnson posted 1100 days ago

    Feel My Johnson

    Why Houston?

  • Feel My Johnson posted 1103 days ago

    Feel My Johnson

    Who do you think are the top five teams to start the season ?

    I think

    5) Cavs
    4) Bulls
    3) Clippers
    2) Thunder
    1) Spurs

  • Atticus Williams posted 1103 days ago

    Atticus Williams

    I agree.

  • Atticus Williams posted 1104 days ago

    Atticus Williams

    Coach Nick is brilliant. I love his insights.

  • Atticus Williams posted 1105 days ago

    Atticus Williams

    Yeah I remember talking to you on here. I see you on Bball Breakdown all the time.

  • Feel My Johnson posted 1105 days ago

    Feel My Johnson

    YOU SHOWED THEM......... I GUESS !!!

  • Real NBA Fan posted 1105 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    LeBeautiful is back?