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  • Joe Boylan posted 2001 days ago

    Joe Boylan

    Joe - great articles...but even better name! The funny thing is that we share the same love for Philly teams, and the Fighting Irish. If I had a dollar for everytime someone emailed me your articles, I'd be a rich man. I'm close to the point of just putting "Bleacher Report Correspondent" on my resume....in that case, feel free to add the "Boylan Foundation" to your resume (www.boylanfoundation.com). Keep up the good work...

    Joe Boylan

  • Rob Waters posted 2121 days ago

    Rob Waters

    Great job on the Bryzgalov "punching bag" article. Just a word of advice, I would have put all that into a slideshow separated by the athlete in order to get many more reads.

    I was willing to sit through it and read it all, but many people probably wouldn't.

  • Jason Sapunka posted 2299 days ago

    Jason Sapunka

    Thanks, sorry if you put some work into a similar article. I hadn't actually planned on writing it, that was just my assignment for last week.

    Fedoruk was one hell of a fighter in his time. The reason he's there is because he was one of the best in the league while he was with the Flyers. Holmgren was pretty good, but wasn't one of the best, like Fedoruk was.