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JT Ray


In a weird round about way I ended up in Boise, Idaho in the spring of 1998 and enrolled into school at Boise State University during the spring semester of 1999. In the fall of 1999 I started to attend Boise State Games. Back then you could get guest tickets for just $6.00 and I bought tickets for many friends and family.
There were many memorable games during that era of Boise State, but in the early days the most memorable game was the first Boise State vs. Fresno State on ESPN. The stadium was jammed pack during that game, I never saw so many people at Bronco Stadium.

In May of 2002 I graduated from Boise State with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Of course my senior year of college was during the 9-11 attacks and after graduating finding decent employment was difficult. In 2006 while working with my current employer I was invited by a fellow employee to help manage the back end of www.bronconation.net, while working on that site I introduced several web page design changes, started blogging and the popular Bronco Nation podcast. Of course during that year Boise State made its run at the BCS and as Boise State became the toast of the town so did Bronco Nation.net.

In February of 2008 KITK allowed me to stream video of the Boise State National Letter of Intent Part from the Big Easy in Boise over the Internet. The show was a success as it hit the main page of Ustream.Tv the host of the feed and an extremely popular Internet streaming video service. Over 1,000 Bronco Fans visited our site to view the video along with thousands of others at Ustream.Tv. With the success of Bronco Nation.net also came some untimely and surprising news. Needless to say my time with that site came to an end as I chose separate myself from Bronco Nation.net. I don’t regret my time there one bit and will stand by my body of work.

With Bronco Nation N.O.W. I still have the ability to continue podcasting as many of my fellow Bloggers have stepped up to help with the hosting duties. I will continue to grow my brand of Bronco Nation content for the fans and prove that blogs and podcasts belong in the same arena as mainstream media. To those that visit this site I thank each and every one of you and hope you enjoyed your visit. Thank You.

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