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Football mad Brit, living in the States, trying to spread the good word of "soccer."

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  • egypt moe posted 1195 days ago

    egypt moe

    I was wondering if you were interested in making an article about FIFA15 ratings and how Ivanovic, Matic and Cahill werent featured in the top 50 players. Also why the best dribbler in the league and probably the world is only 4 stars for skill moves and only 4 stars for his shooting and has a low physicality rating despite playing in one of the toughest leagues and almost never getting pushed of the ball(Hazard).

  • Allan Oloo posted 1683 days ago

    Allan Oloo

    Do you think Jose mourinho will join Man U instead of Chelsea

  • Fernando Torres posted 1689 days ago

    Fernando Torres

    believe in torres. :)

  • Hoang chelsea posted 1726 days ago

    Hoang  chelsea

    there isnt any gud article from u recently!!!!!!

  • Steve Goveaz posted 1731 days ago

    Steve Goveaz

    Torres still havin' the super season you predicted he would have, at the start of this campaign?

  • Steve Goveaz posted 1731 days ago

    Steve Goveaz

    mmhmmm..Fernando Torres listed as a favorite athlete; right behind Super Frankie Lampard??..Says everythin', really.

  • DYRO posted 1732 days ago


    I have fanned you because the banter on ur articles is awesome.

  • Vince Siu posted 1746 days ago

    Vince Siu

    Hey Rachel: Saw your piece on Rafa's crazy quotes. Just did an assignment on Brendan Rodgers' at Liverpool (and linked to yours as well!). Love it if you could take a look: Cheers.

  • khanh hoang Ho Nguyen posted 1764 days ago

    khanh hoang Ho Nguyen

    gud article!

  • Elikem Dorbu posted 1818 days ago

    Elikem Dorbu

    I hope your articles on Torres' form prove true, and this does turn out to be a landmark season for him. I think he deserves it now. The past games, when he was on a mini-goal run, gave him goals that always tended to have a strong smell of fortune to them. Oh, he just happened to be there at the right time. Oh, the goalkeeper was lax. But now, with Benitez, his attitude, composure, and play seem so much more lively than before. He can't play like the Liverpool or Atletico Torres, due to his knee, but he's in the process of reinventing himself as a striker, and he's going through it pretty well, if I do say so myself. Your opinion articles, like others, were very entertaining to read, and I hope you continue making them, hopefully with a, "I WAS RIGHT ABOUT TORRES GUYS" page at the end of season ;)

    P.S.: How long do you think he will stay at Chelsea if this season sees him with 20 goals?