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Nedu graduated from London Metropolitan University and has a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and Media Studies.

Nedu is also a Fervent Writer. A Philanthropic Egalitarian & A WordSmith Provocateur. Enjoys: Mma, Boxing, Football, Current Events, The Arts, BleacherReport, LondonSkate, LFNS & NYC.

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectful and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind”.

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  • mafa attoye posted 504 days ago

    mafa attoye

    What is on my mind?Is what David Moyes should do................................
    1. show who is boss
    2. be more assertive
    3. relegate Rio Ferdinand to the Zinedine Zidane role
    3. pawn off Nemanja Vidic to Barcelona/MIlan 15m maybe
    4. offer Ashley Young to anyone 8m maybe
    5. sell Nani to anyone 12m maybe
    6. sell Patrice Evra ,monaco might be interested
    7.sell Robin Van Persie , there would be certain buyers
    10.get NIKE to pepare a deal;like no other for Robert Lewandowski
    11. activate Jorge Resurrección Merodio16m buy out clause
    12. sign up Nemanja Matic or Ilkay Gungdoan
    13. sign up a World Class Ball Playing Centre Back:Ezequiel Garay ,Eliquiam Mangala
    14. in 6 months the team must reflect David Moyes
    15.David De Gea/Rafael Da Silva,Jonny Evans,Phil Jones(or your The New Centre Back),Fabio da Silva/Jorge Resurrección Merodio(Michael Carrick),Nemanja Matic(or Marroune Fellaini)/Antonio Valencia(Wilifred Zaha),WAYNE ROONEY(or Shinji Kagawa),Adnan Januzsaj/Robert Lewandowski.

    But i am just a fan a wanna be soccer manager a totally commited MANCHESTER UNITED fan,all i would say to all Manchester United fans is that we enjoyed the HIGHS,lets go through the lows knowing that soOner than later MANCHESTER UNITED would be on the up again,for the rest of the world......the mice play when the cats away,so play all you can.......cuz you know what is coming..........


  • Don Corleone posted 625 days ago

    Don Corleone

    Where r u?

  • mafa attoye posted 988 days ago

    mafa attoye

    if it were up to me......
    i would plan for 2 transfer windows in 1......
    with the current situation of the club and the age profile of the different positions.
    GK...De Gea,Lindergaard,Johnstone(Amos has gone on loan)....Manchester United may not need another goal keeper for another 10 years

    LB....Evra,Fabio(loan),Blakett,Brady(not up to it yet)..the target of Baines,Cissokho,Fuchs are worthy.....and i will pay up to 18m for 27yeard old Leighton Baines good Defensive option,Great Crosser of the ball,fantastic at set piece rather than the gamble of Wayne Rooney and Nani.

    RB....Rafael,Jones,Smalling and Kane(again we are covered there for another 5-7 years

    CB...Rio,Vidic(both have had their injury problems and at 31 and 29 are at the end of their careers...but in Smalling Jones Evans Wotton Kane you can take the gamble an say unless there is a crisis we can watch the team for another 2-3 seasons while keeping our eyes open for anothe steal at 6m like Vidic

    LW/RW/AM....Nani,Young,Valencia,Bebe,Powell,Kagawa,Anderson,Cleverly,Wayne Rooney,Lingard,Petrucci,Scholes,Giggs etc its 3 positions that we may not ned to worry at least for another season or two

    CM,DM.....Carrick,Scholes,Anderson,Powell,Tunniclife,Cleverly...this is where Sir Alex Ferguson has to invest heavily in the squad in a bold and uncompromising manner....Sahin,Modric,Witsel,Wayanama,Strooman,Moutinho come to mind

    STR/AF/ATK....Berbatov,Welbeck,Hernandez,Wayne Rooney,Kagawa,Bebe...again another position where we can hold on for another season before splashing cash...

    so if it were up to me
    LB..Baines(18m),CM/DM....Sahin(Loan/Option to sign) and Moutinho(25m) RB....None
    CB....None(in a year,assess the squad and then look to the likes of Papadopulous(Schalke/Greece)/Nastic(Fiorentina/Serbia) or witin promote the likes of Reece Brown.
    STR/FW/ATK...RvP on our own terms(1.he retires from the national team,2.we go get him for 3m in January..why should i invest 20m-25m now),same with Llorente and if both are hard to get by...with Sahin and Kagawa already at the club,convincing the then 1 season left Lewandowski...would not be hard to recruit.


    what do you think ?

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 1000 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    No problem, Nedu!

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 1005 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    Any time, Nedu. Sometimes -pound is easy to miss.

  • Allan Lim posted 1006 days ago

    Allan Lim

    No problem.

  • Dominick Antig posted 1008 days ago

    Dominick Antig

    No problem Nedu. Keep on writing good articles! You're doing a good job

  • Michael Koh posted 1009 days ago

    Michael Koh

    Haha, hey Nedu, it was not a problem.

    YNWA ;)

  • Dave Santi posted 1009 days ago

    Dave  Santi

    Nice work, any time.

  • Jonathan Brent posted 1009 days ago

    Jonathan Brent

    No problem, Nedu. Thanks again for writing!

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