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I'm Jason Payne. Living in Raleigh, NC, I'm a huge wrestling fan. I am also a fan of the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Hurricanes. I've recently created an account here on Bleacher Report after I was sent a copy of one of my friend's article (Mark Jones). I am interested in writing here so I can share my opinions with a wider range of audience.

Oh, by the way, THE PATRIOTS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Mark Jones posted 3331 days ago

    Mark Jones

    Hey Jason, your doing well getting comments. But you'll get even more if you respond to them. Just click "respond to comment" at the top of each comment, Jason, and therefore they'll know you responded and possible say something back.


  • Mark Jones posted 3337 days ago

    Mark Jones

    Looks like you got some help from Matt, Jason.

    I'll make sure to edit your NFL and wrestling articles tonight!

  • Matthew Gilmartin posted 3337 days ago

    Matthew Gilmartin

    First of all, welcome to Bleacher Report. I bet you'll like it a lot.

    Second of all, thanks for adding me to your list.

    To get started on B/R, I recommend you start with writing NFL articles. The NFL Community is by far the biggest community on the site (as in by thousands of members), which gives you the biggest possible immediate audience. I happen to be ranked 13th in the NFL writer rankings, so I could look at any NFL articles you write to see how they check out. Writing Colts articles or about other AFC South teams could provide you with a big immediate audience, as I think it has a good number of members.

    Mark may have told you that I'm also a huge Hurricanes fan. I don't really write about the Hurricanes because the community is so small (less than 50 members, probably the smallest community on the site) and because I'm already pretty solidly based in the NFL community. It would be hard to get my work out there in the Hurricanes community because of the extremely scarcity of members in that community. If you know hockey well, I recommend you find the most populated division community and write about the teams in that division. Keep doing that until you're a top-50 NHL writer, and then work down to the Hurricanes. That may your high ranking will help your pieces on the Hurricanes be more accessible to potential readers because higher-ranking writers' articles get better placement.

    However, I can't help you much with wrestling. I've never liked it in the least.

    Above all, if you want to get somewhere, work hard and be patient! You'll start slow, just like everyone else, but someday you could be an elite writer! Hope this helps, and good luck!