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  • Temi A posted 1750 days ago

    Temi A

    Hello Nigel I'm not a big sports fan first off, however I came across a post and read how you defended your perspective and I became captivated, your logic, ability to keep the conversation on track and keep a level head made the post a rewarding read. I just had to comment.

  • Romi Sigal posted 2116 days ago

    Romi Sigal

    Hello Nigel, We operate the largest EPL community on Facebook with over 1.5m avid fans. We were highly impressed with your articles here, and would appreciate the opportunity to offer you to post/RSS your articles onto our Facebook pages and website: www.ftbpro.com. We already have dozens of writers posting on FTBpro regularly! If you're interested, please contact me at romi@ftbpro.com to discuss further. Thank you!

  • Naz O. posted 2213 days ago

    Naz O.

    Hey, thought you might find this interesting :

  • Olly Vince posted 2217 days ago

    Olly Vince

    Evening sir, I have applied as you suggested.

    Let you know what happens.

  • Olly Vince posted 2219 days ago

    Olly Vince

    I do think it works fine. Always room for improvement but don't think in needs changing just for changing sake.

  • Olly Vince posted 2222 days ago

    Olly Vince

    Can't believe that Lescott hasn't spoken about it, also it appears (not proven) that as the players who heard the abuse where on the same team as the player abused it doesn't count. And I can't believe that the press haven't actually used this case a parallel, bearing in mind the evidence and word used (allegedly)

    I don't really remember the case being anywhere near as high profile, it does appear it took just as long to get a decision by the FA. Don't understand why Lescott, Howard and Yobo didn't go to the hearing either.

    Just appears that as Suarez admitted it then that is the difference. Still doesn't make me think that Liverpool could of dealt with this a lot better.

    However still odd the FA stance as such a deal was made of the spainish fans in 2004, and the Emre case was after.

    I am going to contact the FA to see if it's possible to get the full ruling.

  • Olly Vince posted 2222 days ago

    Olly Vince

    Just found this!

    Then there is the football authorities’ less than glorious record of investigating abuse. Four years ago, Joleon Lescott recorded his experience of making an allegation of racism to the FA ? reporting that Newcastle midfielder Emre Belözoglu had called Joseph Yobo a “fucking n**ro” (Belözoglu denied the allegation). Lescott claimed that because his team-mate Tim Howard said he had heard “fucking n**ger” the allegation was deemed unproven, leaving him disillusioned. “It felt like we were on trial as much as Emre was,”

  • Olly Vince posted 2222 days ago

    Olly Vince

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2007/mar/20/newsstory.sport9 can you get any more facts on this case and why he got off? Seems fairly similar to the Suarez case!

  • David Hendrick posted 2223 days ago

    David Hendrick

    Interesting read - http://www.theanfieldwrap.com/2011/12/hypocrisy-the-english-disease/

  • Leon 2.0 posted 2224 days ago

    Leon  2.0

    Sorry for the message before, I was reading it with one of my friends and he posted a comment a didn't realise.