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I was hired on by Bleacher Report as a featured columnist prior to the start of the 2011 NFL season. I have enjoyed two years of growth with a company that is among the best to be associated with in the sports world.

Prior to getting this gig, I was a front page writer for Niners Nation.

Outside of my work here at Bleacher Report, I am the head sports editor over at eDraft, an up-and-coming multi-sport outlet.

I also co-host a radio show from 12-2 PM PST on Monday and Wednesday and own Pro Football Nuts.

For media requests you can contact me at and

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  • Jodi Obrien posted 133 days ago

    Jodi Obrien

    You have a spelling error in your article 10 things to take away from NFL playoffs. Around the second paragraph "heals" should be "heels"

  • KENNETH SELLARDS posted 655 days ago


    your a homer

  • Jane Nowlin posted 717 days ago

    Jane  Nowlin

    You are so wrong about Austin being a washed up player...He has been injured the past two seasons. Now if you wanna put him down as injury prone by all means, he does have to prove he can stay on the field but otherwise you are a moron who is only writing to help "sell" yourself as a guru and this blog.

  • Jeff Harris posted 742 days ago

    Jeff Harris

    I realize not EVER playing competitive sports is certainly not a pre req for for writing,
    but it is so obvious with you. the whole lot of you so called writers commenting on sports
    and the arrogance behind your opinions. I will add you to list that I am talking about
    the guys who are 5'7" or shorter i.e. Lupica,Skip, Costas, Stephen A, Simmons etc.
    you all wanted to be the BOMC but couldn't hit the rim with you jumper. Please just state the facts and hold your opinions for when you all get together to swap underoos

  • Anthony Kang posted 745 days ago

    Anthony Kang

    No problem, glad to help!

  • Dilan Ames posted 783 days ago

    Dilan Ames

    Hey, Vincent!

    Name is Dilan and I was just brought onto B/R as a featured columnist for the Skins after completing their winter internship. Gotta say, I've enjoyed you work before, but THOROUGHLY enjoyed your piece about loyalty in the NFL. I could really go on and on about all the intricacies of your article that made me really enjoy it, but that'd take almost as long as it took you to write it, haha! Point is, loved the article. Keep up the great work, man, really. You're definitely an inspiration to a young writer getting started such as myself.


  • Rob Smith posted 790 days ago

    Rob Smith

    Your articles make me want to barf. The lack of research and knowledge that you put into each sentence literally makes me sick to my stomach. Again, like I want to barf. Bleacher Report is losing tons of credibility in my opinion because of the amertuer writers they hire like yourself.

    I will write you again when football season comes around and everything that you have said to this point becomes false. Until then...

  • johnny hesher posted 816 days ago

    johnny hesher

    Is their a problem posting comments?

  • Brad Mathis posted 826 days ago

    Brad Mathis

    wow man you could use some more research when writing your columns

  • Joe Kidd posted 881 days ago

    Joe Kidd

    Do you even watch football? I wouldn't even let you write for the local high school.