Ryan Ames

Ryan Ames


I am a Jr. at the University of Oregon spending my summer’s up in Eugene scouting the Emeralds and all the teams they play. I hope one day to be the head of Player Development for a major league team but until then enjoy the website and everything on it. Everything is free and you are encouraged to leave comments and feedback.

I played summer, prep, and college ball all in the great state of Texas. I grew up surrounded by baseball. I spent my afternoons and nights in a baseball training center owned by my parents. This constant stimulation of baseball helped me learn how to differentiate a good hitter from a great hitter and a decent pitcher from a future ace. For the longest time I thought all my time spent there would yield me nothing more than a stunted social life but now I see it has given me a wealth of knowledge that I can impart on you, the reader.

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