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  • Sports Lover posted 1824 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Are you still there?

  • Josh Matt posted 1872 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Cian D posted 2078 days ago

    Cian D


  • Math 19 posted 2094 days ago

    Math 19

    Oh and your "logical points" are almost as bad as your articles.

  • Math 19 posted 2094 days ago

    Math 19

    No you are the thickest person because:
    1) I dont hate English player's i support England, Scott Parker and Kyle Walker have had great seasons with Spurs. But Kyle Walker should not have beat Aguero to that award.
    2) Kyle Walker did beat Aguero because he had more votes, if i could give you a sticker for that observation i would. He had more votes, because he's english.
    3) If Van persie was playing in La liga and nominated with the same people as he was over here, yes he would of still won it.
    4) It is not irrelevant that if the award was in spain Aguero would have won it over Kyle Walker, as it is in the Premier league, Walker won it instead of Aguero.
    5) Just proving that although your blind to the fact that 2 winners in the past 10 years have been foreign (ronaldo and fabregas. Who like RVP could not lose without uproar) other people have realised that it swings in the English' favour.
    6) No you didn't say im the only one, im just confused as to why you are so furious with the accusation that Walker only won because he's english? Iv admitted he has had a good season before you go on about "taking anything away from him" im on about winning the PFA young player award over Aguero (who was so good he was nominated for Player of the year aswell (why wasn't Walker) strange.

  • Craig Amos posted 2105 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Hey man, glad you enjoyed the Pride article. Always a bittersweet topic....(sigh).

    Anyway, thanks for becoming a fan.

  • Cardiff Wanderer posted 2105 days ago

    Cardiff Wanderer

    If your interested this is my first article here on B/R -

  • Dave Byrne posted 2107 days ago

    Dave Byrne

    Poor form being from Ireland and calling football "soccer" :P

  • zia ur rahman posted 2117 days ago

    zia ur rahman

    just checked out your article..brilliant job

  • Jacob Fernandez posted 2155 days ago

    Jacob Fernandez

    Keep up the good work man you do good in your articles.