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Average guy, perhaps a bit more aware of the history of sports thanks to a mom who didn't care what books I read as long as I read books. Currently living in San Diego, and loving life with my wife and kids.

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  • Paula Thompson posted 2951 days ago

    Paula Thompson

    Hi Ken - Unfortunately, I didn't catch any of this weekend's NHRA coverage, but I did hear Hight won.

    Personally, I'm a Force fan, and I'm glad a Force car won. With all the commotion leading up to the "Chase," my first question was, "did Cruz and Tony OK this title??" In hind-sight, it would have been a shame if a title contender like Hight was left out of the championship run - but some people would say the same thing about Kyle Busch in NASCAR this season. But based on the circumstances of his inclusion in the field, it may go down as a tainted championship.

  • Punkus posted 3059 days ago


    Jarvis Moss calls it quits?

  • Raider Card Addict posted 3235 days ago

    Raider Card Addict

    Understandable about the Willie Brown deal. Thing that always amazed me, was the guys we'd find. John Matuzak came from the Oilers, Ted Hendricks from the Packers, Alzado from the Browns, Plunkett from the 49ers...the few legendary holdovers, like Cliff Branch, Jack Tatum, Ken Stabler, Raymond Chester and of course Allen spent a good deal of time with us.
    Still, I learned that Raymond Chester didn't end his career with us....he came out of retirement to play for Denver, at the end.
    Two thoughts always crossed my mind, and the first one was dating back to when Tim Brown first tried free agency. Denver anted up big time for him, and forced Al Davis to match or lose him. It would have been quite a combo, Elway and Brown...after all, it was Shanahan's first draft pick for the silver and black.
    The other thought, came about not too long ago, was that Al Davis originally tried to get John Elway from the Colts. He was willing to give up a boatload of draft picks....first, second and third rounds, for two years, plus our Marc Wilson at the time to get him.
    Guess who killed the deal? Someone who hated Al Davis like the plague...Pete Rozelle. At the time, the rumor was circling that Pete was afraid of a dynasty forming with Marcus Allen, and if you put Elway with Todd Christensen and company, you might have another 3 rings in Elway's career.
    Instead, Denver was able to land Elway....for a song, I might add.

  • Raider Card Addict posted 3235 days ago

    Raider Card Addict

    Thanks for the note, Ken.
    Ya, I can imagine living in a hostile location can be a difficult thing...getting set up in San Diego and being a Bronco fan would give you the perspective that I've endured for years.
    Just out of curiousity, two questions. When Denver comes to town does half the stadium turn Orange?
    The other question, is regarding the Chargers' fans. Once the team is eliminated from contention, either in the playoffs or at the end of the year, does the town instantly refuse to acknowledge their existence? I've heard from some brethren that you wouldn't even know the Chargers play in San Diego, except for during the season.

  • Ken Wagoner posted 3272 days ago

    Ken Wagoner


    Thank you for the note. I was absolutely floored yesterday when I heard this. Of all the things I expected, and all the coaches I thought deserved to be fired Mike Shanahan was at the bottom of the list.

    I probably shouldn't have vented on another article, and there's a lady named Lucia who thinks I should move from San Diego if I'm not a Chargers fan, and that the reason there's lousy attendance at Charger games is that it's all those "outsiders" who don't throw their old team over the side when they move here.


    I'll write more if and when I have the time, and I promise to be much more civil in the future. Or not!


  • Hank posted 3272 days ago


    Hey Ken,
    I enjoyed your first article about your hopes for the Broncos next season. The firing of Shanny really threw a wrench in some of that, didn't it? I think that Bowlen will want nothing but the best for us next season though, let's hope. Good of you to keep the faith even down in enemy territory! Anyway, welcome to the Broncos community, and I hope you are inspired to keep writing!

  • Jay Drudge posted 3328 days ago

    Jay Drudge


    New Article about Shanahan and the Broncos: