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I am an NFL/NFL Draft Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. In addition to my featured columnist status, my roles here at B/R have also included NFL Draft Special Projects Contributor, National NFL Draft Correspondent and New England Patriots Gameday Correspondent.

I am also the chief editor of, a website devoted to providing quality and unique coverage of both the NFL draft and the Buffalo Bills. Prior to taking over as editor of BBD, I was a staff writer within the NFL Draft Sites Network at

I am a student at Ohio State University, where I previously worked for The Lantern, OSU's student newspaper, as the special projects reporter and as an OSU football beat writer.

Twitter: You can follow me @Dan_Hope. Email:

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  • Truth Will Be Revealed posted 3 days ago

    Truth Will Be Revealed

    Hey, Dan. Really love your rookie rankings articles. Sorry about the whole Tress Way thing, I did not know he was not a rookie. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Before you do your next edition, could you take an extra look into the Skins vs. Giants game. I, and other fans, are very split on who won the Breeland vs. Beckham matchup. Beckham struggled early in the game vs. Breeland and, to me, 2 of the pass interference calls on Breeland were on passes that weren't even intended for Beckham. Shouldn't they have been illegal contact?

    And Breeland got another 15 yard penalty for retaliating after Beckham shoved him. At the end of the day, Beckham caught 0 of his 3 TDs on Breeland and had a good amount of passes intended for him broken up by Breeland. Most of his yards were against Biggers and some PS player who we just moved up.

    I know I may seem like a homer, but even if I am, a fan willing to come here and say Breeland got the better of a WR who had 12 REC, 145 yards and 3 TDs that game, there has to be some substance behind that, right?

  • William Berry posted 137 days ago

    William Berry

    Please find out the real deal on The Panthers. This year the group is better than last years. Last year was just one of those year you HAD TO blow up the whole group and start all over again. Kelvin Benjamin is the first first round talent at WR in a long time. His size makes up for many short comings and he seems to have overcome the drops he once had in college. Keep an eye on The Panthers this year. GO PANTHERS!

  • Charles Joachim posted 238 days ago

    Charles Joachim

    After the Browns took Texas QB Colt McCoy in the 1st round I don't think they will take another flyer from a Texas school. No Manziel to the Browns

  • Cody Swartz posted 259 days ago

    Cody Swartz

    Really enjoyed your recent NFL draft article, especially the fact that you included trades.

  • Cassie Houchin posted 316 days ago

    Cassie Houchin

    You write really well, Dan. I enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the great work!

  • john Delaney posted 371 days ago

    john Delaney

    where the new rookie rankings at? - a true fan of your stuff

  • Jason Hagle posted 379 days ago

    Jason Hagle

    Looking forward to the next rookie rankings!!

  • Ralph Colucci posted 403 days ago

    Ralph Colucci

    When I was growing up adults wrote the sports news.

  • Adrian Peterson posted 583 days ago

    Adrian Peterson

    You got a lot of Diamond awards

  • Daniel Powell posted 602 days ago

    Daniel Powell

    You guys should do a Madden style NFL fantasy draft. If every player were thrown into the draft pool, with a randomized draft order.

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