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I'm the guy who sat next to you in history class in high school that knew too much about sports. He knew Ray Durham's batting average in 2002, the Packers' record against AFC teams from 1995-1998, and yet came up with a sports acronym involving the quartet of receivers the Denver Broncos had in 1975 to help remember the four reasons behind the Great Depression.

I began my love for sports in third grade, when the morning bowl of Captain Crunch led me and my remote from Nickelodeon to ESPN. My foray into sports first began with my father's first love, the Green Bay Packers. I began my football fanhood as a die hard Packer backer, following Favre's every move. As my love grew, I branched off and found my true calling as a member of the true blue Brew Crew, but, as every fan must be, I change my "sport of focus" with the seasons.

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  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3219 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    My Green Bay Packers Mt. Rushmore. Look forward to your comments...



  • Ryan Faller posted 3323 days ago

    Ryan Faller


    Don't mention it. You did a very fine job. Let me know if you have any questions.

    I appreciate your comments.

  • Zach Kruse posted 3325 days ago

    Zach Kruse

    Hey Gary, this is Zach Kruse, and I am one of the Community Leaders for the Green Bay Packers here on b/r. If you have any questions, or any concerns, let me or one of the other leaders (MJ, Alex, or Aren) know about it and we'll help you out!

    —Again great job on that first Packer article, keep 'em coming for b/r's best Community!