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  • Risk McHale posted 1661 days ago

    Risk McHale


    Curry 78GP, 22.9ppg, 6.9ast, 4reb, 1.6stl, 45%FG, 45%3pt, 90% FT
    Parker 66GP, 20.3ppg, 7.6ast, 3reb, .8stl, 52%FG, 35%3pt, 84% FT

    Curry is more important to his team than Parker is. And it shows because he lead his team to beat the Nuggets without David Lee. Duncan is what holds the Spurs together. IF the spurs get pass warriors, they won't get pass the WCF. Fatigue will set in and injuries will plague this old team again. I had Miami vs. Memphis earlier this season and looks like there's a high possibility of that happening.

  • Harel Thompson posted 1661 days ago

    Harel Thompson

    @Risk I think he is a fantastic player, but in my opinion Parker was superior over the season, and deserves all team honors over him. Spurs are going to the finals as well.

  • Risk McHale posted 1662 days ago

    Risk McHale

    What do you think about Curry now? He dropped 44-10 on your boy Parker in a head to head match up.

  • Harel Thompson posted 1931 days ago

    Harel Thompson

    @Ben A, well seeing as I live in Birmingham, England, UK I have no ties to any cities in the US besides Tulsa, OK where I have family that live there. Seeing as when I started watching American Sports Oklahoma as a state had no Pro teams in any sport, I went with the Spurs, and Patriots, yes because they were successful, but also as my favorite players were Randy Moss and Tim Duncan.

  • Ben A posted 1931 days ago

    Ben A

    Your fav teams crack me up. Jump on a few more band wagons buddy