Graham Good

Graham Good


My name is Graham Good and I have been a fan of professional wrestling, mostly WWE, since 1998 or 1999. I was a child and can't remember exactly. I wasn't allowed to watch wrestling due to it's content, but would play and watch it at a friends whenever possible. I started really paying attention in 2007. My all time favorite wrestler would be Shawn Michaels due to the fact he created the original spark in my love for wrestling and the WWE and I remember imitating him as a kid. I also favor CM Punk, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, Rock, and Triple H. I usually cheer for heels because most of them are the entertaining ones and can wrestle. I absolutely despise John Cena but have major respect for the man behind the character.
Favorite Wrestler: Past: Ric Flair; Present: CM Punk
Favorite Entertainer: Past: Shawn Michaels; Present: Zack Ryder
Favorite Legend: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Worst Wrestler: Past: Snooki or David Arquette; Present: Great Khali
Worst Entertainer: Past: Hulk Hogan Present: John Cena
Worst Legend: Jake Roberts

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