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Mike Mike


My dad taught me everything I needed to know about being a sports player and a fan. He showed me what a fan really meant. I grew up loving the sport of Hockey, Soccer and Football. Beyond that I will watch and follow pretty much any sport in the world. I am an avid New York Ranger, New York Giant, FC Barcelona, New York Met (though I am not too big into baseball) and Croatia National Athletics Teams fanatic.

I love sports, plain and simple. I am not a big ESPN guy, think its too repetitive and biased. I play pretty much any sport and I do a ton of research on training/nutrition/health/sports and more. I am also studying to be an Engineer if you wanted to get into more details of my life. I love life and try to understand it to the fullest.

Basic knowledge of what you will see me defend and stand up for...
1) I dont care how much talent and skill a player or team has, i believe it takes a lot of hardwork and dedication and anything is possible.
2) I dont like to see the flashy players, I rather see the teams/players that fight hard and gritty.
3) I admire the players that try to work harder every day. I admire the players who commit themselves and try to prove themselves.

I think I love sports so much not for only what it provides with action and excitement but it being a metaphor for anything in everyday life or life itself.

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