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  • G D posted 2343 days ago

    G D

    Matthews vs. Lewis would be great! Thanks man-- I just wrote one about 5 Things That Will Happen in Rio at UFC 134.. Love to hear what you think man. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/821324-ufc-134-5-things-that-will-happen-in-rio-de-janeiro

  • G D posted 2345 days ago

    G D

    Hey man I wrote an article about the Top 10 Pro Athletes Who Would Make Good UFC Fighters. Would love to hear what you think man. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/817080-10-pro-athletes-that-would-make-good-ufc-fighters

  • Rob Naismith posted 2350 days ago

    Rob Naismith

    Here's the thing, I never said Michigan had a clean program. In fact I'll bet you EVERY program in the country has cheated one way or another. Yes, under RR Michigan did cheat and got caught. Yes I did read the Freep articles. However, at the same time, Michigan had such a great divide over RR that the Freep articles were pretty much a witch hunt against RR. In hindsight, I'm glad they got RR outta there. I'll bet under Carr Michigan did some shady stuff that went unnoticed too.

  • David Moose posted 2350 days ago

    David Moose

    @ Rob

    I guess you dont see the Detroit Free Press Articles on Michigan football players taking the general studies major as Michigan trying to leg up on its foes. Jim Harabaugh seemed to think so.

    Under RR Michigan football did cheat. With MIchigan basketball having a pulse again does that mean Michigan is paying its basketball players again?

    DId OSU do wrong? Yes. However, please get off your high horse about a clean Michigan athletic program.

  • Rob Naismith posted 2350 days ago

    Rob Naismith

    @Dan: It's funny to me that Ohio State fans fail to realize who kicked whose ass in the 90's while Cooper was coach. Here is the difference between Michigan beating Ohio State 9 times out of 12, WE DIDN'T HAVE TO CHEAT TO WIN!!!! Unlike the Tressel era which continuously used ineligible players. Just stating facts. And having dealt with OSU fans over the years, it has to be the worse fan base in the country. Ask Texas, who said they will never got back to Columbus for a game. And another thing, are you guys Ohio or Ohio State? Seems like OSU fans can't spell either. Take your OH-IO chat and shove it! GO BLUE! We win Nov 26th.

  • Erik Underwood posted 2350 days ago

    Erik Underwood

    @Dan Lock
    Yes, the players were accused of trading equipment for drugs. And I stated that Newton's father was asking for OVER $100,000. $160,000 is more than $100,000. Your fellow Buckeyes can thank you for being one of the fans that makes their fanbase look like crap.

  • Dan Lock posted 2350 days ago

    Dan Lock

    Erik: Get your facts straight before writing an article. Buckeye players did not exchange tattoos for "drugs" and the amount of money in question with Cam Newton was $160k, not $100k.
    You must be a UM grad. You're an OSU hater for good reason, WE KICK YOUR ASS EVERY YEAR!