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  • Blake Silvers posted 2149 days ago

    Blake Silvers

    Thanks for reading my stuff. Keep a lookout for Braves, Bama and general SEC stuff in the future. BTW.. Semper Fi!

  • Johnathan Cace posted 2165 days ago

    Johnathan Cace

    Yeah so it's official. You're a complete moron. Not only are you going to start calling out a person's character when you haven't met them all behind the wall of the internet, you're factually incorrect. That wasn't my article to begin with and I didn't delete your idiotic comment that had absolutely nothing to do with the points I brought up. It must have been the actual author of the article or an administrator who thought your comment was too stupid to remain online.

    But when you're first rebuttal point is that you don't drink when I was making light of the fact that many Alabama fans went to Bourbon Street following the win last night, you know you're argument is going to fail miserably.

    First of all, I'm a paid writer for Bleacher Report, working 8-5 M-F for this entire season. If you want to take up an issue with my performance feel free to contact either of my editors Michael Pinto or Rich Thomaselli and I'm sure they will tell you that I've done an excellent job with all of my work.

    Second, if you genuinely believe that the national championship was a good defensive game, you're out of your mind. LSU ran the same plays over and over and expected a different result. You can trust me, I did a live blog of the game breaking down the Tigers' offense series by series. But I'm sure you'll find that my analysis doesn't measure up to your "standards."

    Third, as I stated in my original post, Alabama played a near perfect game and credit should be given to the team but settling for field goals instead of touchdowns and missing some of those field goals as well as an extra point is both boring and not that impressive. As for the whole "defensive struggle" argument, I've watched plenty of real defensive struggles where offenses have at least crossed the 50 yard line more than once and gotten more than 2 first downs in the game.

    Defensive struggles also don't have one time winning by 21 points, out-gaining their opponent 384-92, winning the turnover battle by two, the time of possession battle by over ten minutes and getting 16 more first downs than the other team.

    Those games also weren't rematches which are inherently some of the most boring games in college football regardless of the stage.

    When Georgia Southern plays a better, more exciting game against a team, the game in question is a dud, boring, uninteresting, dull or any other synonym you choose.

    I don't normally take the time to post back when people respond to something I write with loud and unfounded opinion but the fact that you called out my character based entirely on an incorrect conspiracy theory that I couldn't handle "losing" an argument online so I deleted evidence of it was simply too much. I would have been more than happy to intelligently discuss your argument on the article's comment section but since you feel the need to call out my character and writing abilities based off of complete fabrications, this will be the last time I respond to one of your inane posts. Have a good day