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The Bulls' roster, as presented by yours truly:

DERRICK "DROSE" ROSE: The man of the hour, too sweet to be sour! Faster than lightning and quieter than thunder, Rose lets his game speak for him, except when he doesn't and calls himself league's best player! And with his stylish mustache and big doe eyes, who could stay mad at this adorable little guy? Now featuring TWO bum knees! Hold that ish, Penny Hardaway!

DJ "WHO IS THIS GUY" AUGUSTIN: The latest and greatest in a long line of PG's the Bulls have pulled off the scrapheap, this little dynamo has taken the squad my storm! Like the energizer bunny with game to match, simply wind up DJ and watch him go!

JIMMY "BUCKETS" BUTLER: The Butler did it again! Get used to that, NBA fans! Jimmy can jump, he can shoot, and he can dance! Frontrunner for MIP MVP and DPOY, Buckets spends his days balling hella like D R Ella and making the H8ERZ cry with his otherworldly skills!

CARLOS "Yo soy tu muerte" BOOZER: Hop on the Booz cruise ladies and gents! With his silky smooth midrange J and his spin move reminiscent of a washing machine, Boozer is a true delight for any fan of the game to watch ply his craft. His defense you ask? Oh boy, does he... Well, he... Umm... He tries sometimes! He sure does! And with his menacing frame and abundance of tattoos with matching shaved head, you can bet the other team has to think at least 4 times before they'll attack him in ISO anyway!

JOAKIM "WHIRLING DERVISH" NOAH: He's secret S+ tier, he's got the hair you can see from space, he's got the style to make any blind man stop and take notice, he's the starting center who puts the funk in the dunk! He runs the floor, he shoots he scores, he guards 1 to 5, and he'll eat your offense alive!

TAJ "DONT ENTER THE PAINT" GIBSON with his stretchy Gumby arms and locking down opponents like he was Fort Knox!

"CAPTAIN KIRK" HINRICH nailing J's from downtown while anchoring the 2nd unit defensively on the perimeter and nailing space chicks like it ain't no thang! Beam me UP SCOTTIE!

NAZR "REALLY BIG" MOHAMMED being really big and good for 6 fouls and maybe a few rebounds

DUNLEAVEMEOPENFORTHREEE filling the role of "COVER ME OR ELSE" shooter and savvy veteran presence

ERIK "MAYDAY" MURPHY being tall and white like it's going out of style, and hitting J's like it's his job! (BECAUSE IT IS!)

TONY "SKELETOR" SNELL AKA You down with 3 and D? Yeah you know me!

EDIT: Will be updated as I think of something funny to say... And learn how to spell Shengaliea? Shengalia? Hell, I don't know...

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  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 232 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah



    Influential section - Yusuf Estes with a young Christian


    ((( O mankind! Say No God But Allah, Achieve Eternal Salvation )))

    " Laa ilaaha illallah " ( There is none worthy of worship except Allah )

    ( Introduction to Islam )



  • BUCKEYE PRIDE posted 234 days ago


    Sorry to break it to you but Luol Deng and Derrick Rose are no longer on the active roster.

  • daniel magnuson posted 235 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy jeankanz

  • The GOAT 21 aka The Negative GOAT posted 250 days ago

    The GOAT 21 aka The Negative GOAT


  • Dallas Cowboy posted 252 days ago

    Dallas Cowboy

    How do you feel about the Deng for Bynum trade?

  • Dan Riaz posted 294 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    I demand hespect :P

  • BUCKEYE PRIDE posted 306 days ago



  • Dan Riaz posted 333 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    READ THIS #amazing


  • Dan Riaz posted 355 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Im always nervous if I give speeches to people I know. When Im nervous in that way, Id shake. You wouldnt notice it, but I would. Though if it was a speech in front of randoms, I love it :D Just because you'll never have to see them again. Plus, chicks dig public speakers ;)

    Yeah, SO FAR though XD Still got a year to push through!

  • Dan Riaz posted 357 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Nah I dont actually have a job. I mean schoolwork XD

    Yeah, no kidding. Im in the same boat! Minus the speeches, though I love speeches since I find them easy :D And thats right, somebody has to do it. Same thing happend last year. We had a speaking competition and nobody would do it, so I had to do it XD