John Harblee

John Harblee


How ridiculous does little nicky satan look in that photo? It makes him look like his wife's strap-on is permanently attached to his forehead.

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  • Joe Pharaoh posted 1661 days ago

    Joe Pharaoh

    To keep a long point rather short, here ya go...

    The only titles Bama fans have hesitation about is '41 and '73, and the article explains why. But there are one or two other years the University could legitimately claim national titles but don't ('66).

    Btw, I find it interesting that you say, "Here's hoping for an honorable and adult discourse", yet you make this statement right after calling the majority of our fanbase arrogant, conceited, and having the inability to accept truth. Not to mention, you constantly say things such as "uat", "Bammers", and "Nicky Satan". These are all childish things, as they are nothing more than name-calling.

    And you expect me to believe you're "hoping for an honorable and adult discourse"?

    Just so you're aware, I've never called AU "the barn" or "the cow college", or their fans "barners", or have ever said things like "Scam Newton". As much as I dislike AU, I still have enough respect for them and maturity to simply call them by their name...because that's what honorable adults do.

  • Joe Pharaoh posted 1665 days ago

    Joe Pharaoh

    Did AU legitimately earn any except maybe the last 1? I don't think so. UA has just as much a claim on '25, '26, '30 and '34 as AU has on 1913. And AU was ineligible in 1957 for bowl participation due to probation for paying high school players, yet that doesn't stop them from claiming a NC now does it.

    You have a lot of hatred there John. Good thing Bama doesn't have trees to poison...