This is the biography of Tyler Clifton Davis. Currently living in Jackson Michigan attending Jackson Community College. Born on August 12, 1989 and currently 22 years of age.
Tyler has a wonderful supportive family and a great group of friends that make this world go round, but nothing beats the most special person in is life that is now his fiance. Tyler's life has been nothing but living every day with a goal and a good attitude.
Tyler have been in love with sports since a young child, and being so granted him the opportunity to be an athlete throughout most of his life. He has experienced being a football player, a wrestler, and a pole vaulter for track and field. Tyler wasn't exactly the best athlete around, but the experience was enough for him that he has no regrets. He was a student at Jackson Northwest High School, home of the Mounties.

There have been some great times in his past, but really all those things are irrelevant as to why he is writing for Bleacher Report. He has a strong fondness for athletics to the point where he can't sleep easily at night. Don't get him wrong, he's not a crazy sports junkie with no life, but he does understand the beauty and excitement that comes from athletics. Nothing beats seeing a live event for your favorite sports team pulling a miracle comeback, or seeing your favorite athlete being a successful contributor to their program.
His goal in life is to live the dream, and that doesn't mean riches and glory, but experiencing success and bringing the people he deeply cares about along with him. He hope to establish himself as a great writer for a great organization such as Bleacher Report. Tyler hopes to indulge myself into loving the world of sports writing and being successful at that.

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  • Ken Hammerick posted 2053 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Thank you, for becoming my fan, Tyler!

    I love your writing and I heavily support all of your articles, comments and opinions.

    It is great to be Green! Go State! Go Green! Go White! Go State Go!