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I'm 22 years old and hold a bachelor's degree in History from SUNY Albany. Currently a graduate student at the College of St. Rose, where I study Social Studies Education/Adolescent Ed.

I love sports, but mostly the big four. Huge Reds, Bengals and Knicks fan. I try and follow the Rangers in hockey, but I'm not very good about doing that.

I'm a beer, liquor and wine connoisseur. Well, not really, but I like to act like I am...

Ben & Jerry's follows me on Twitter... You probably should too @TylerDuma

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  • Long gone posted 107 days ago

    Long gone

    Those sports are in my wheelhouse.

  • Long gone posted 108 days ago

    Long gone

    Hey Tyler. What sports do you follow?

  • Zak Kulin posted 112 days ago

    Zak  Kulin

    Sorry for the delay, Tyler. Happy to help out!

  • Ronald Cheng posted 142 days ago

    Ronald Cheng

    No problem, Tyler!

  • Peter F. Richman posted 146 days ago

    Peter F. Richman

    No worries, appreciate the comment on the Yanks. Seeing if I can escape this weather temporarily and get down to Tampa to cover them since I've never been to spring training and it's Jeter's last one.

  • Cassie Houchin posted 156 days ago

    Cassie Houchin

    You're welcome, Tyler. You're a great writer!

  • Matthew Smith posted 165 days ago

    Matthew Smith

    Thank you, Tyler. I enjoy your work, as well.

  • Ken Lechtanski posted 184 days ago

    Ken Lechtanski

    Hi Tyler, sorry about not getting on your story from a couple days ago, I hadn't checked my bulletin board since then. I work the early morning shift but you can always shoot an email to my inbox.

  • Don Harko Jr. posted 192 days ago

    Don Harko Jr.

    Dude your a soft fag --- stop deleting posts --- either take the criticism or write better shit and grow the fuck up,

  • Ken Lechtanski posted 209 days ago

    Ken Lechtanski

    You bet, Tyler. Have a good holidays.

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