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  • People's Champion posted 2115 days ago

    People's Champion

    Hey Rooshil,

    Forgot to show you my two newest articles.

  • People's Champion posted 2155 days ago

    People's Champion

    Hey Rooshil,

    I just wrote another article here on Bleacher and I think you may enjoy it. You may have some disagreements but that's alright. I wrote the article so I can have some interesting discussions with various NBA fans. So here's it is

  • People's Champion posted 2161 days ago

    People's Champion

    Hey Rooshil,

    I see that you're a basketball fan. I have some articles you may be interested in. I would to see a comment.

    If you like those, I know some other articles you may like

  • Erick Blasco posted 2199 days ago

    Erick Blasco

    But Andre Miller can't defend his shadow and has no foot speed? These are things that stats don't see, and Hollinger puts far too much emphasis on blocks and steals, and defense-adjusted plus/minus tends to reward players who have really poor backups.

    I've warmed up some to Felton. He had a pretty decent year and now looks to be a respectable starter. He defends a bit better than I gave him credit for, and he's become a decent playmaker. But I still don't think he's an impact guard, and I don't think he's aware enough yet to really run a team, which is why Boris Diaw has the ball in his hands so much in Charlotte and made a lot of the key passes.