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Rivers McCown is the lead AFC South writer for Bleacher Report. His writing (and editing) has also appeared on ESPN.com, Football Outsiders, Football Outsiders Almanac, and SB Nation Houston. He lives in Houston, Texas. You are right: he is clearly biased against your team.

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  • Ethan Lington posted 1139 days ago

    Ethan Lington

    Your constant negativity toward every non-Andrew Luck led team from the AFC South is not only annoying, it's irresponsible. If you actually paid any attention, you would realize that the Texans are a MUCH better team than anyone gives them credit for. 5 of their 6 losses this season have been by 10 points or fewer, all against playoff caliber teams and in every one of those games, they had a chance to win. I get that was because they don't have the "elite QB" that every team hopes and dreams for, but that shouldn't stop you from actually writing something positive once in awhile that isn't centered solely around J.J. Watt. Fitz threw 6 TDs, an anomaly? Sure, but look at his #9 overall ranking as a QB for the '14 season...and you realize he is much better than MANY other teams QBs this year. I do not believe the Texans are dead in the playoff race, even without JC moving forward. Fitz had a chance to watch how the offense was supposed to be run (by witnessing Mallett's performance in Cleveland, pre-injury) and benefited greatly. I think this team is hitting a stride in a perfect time this year, as both the offense and defense finally looked completely comfortable with the entirely new schemes that this season brought along with the new coaching staff. Just my thoughts.