Jamie Watts

Jamie Watts


I love the University of Alabama Crimson Tide....And I make no bones about the fact that I hate all things related to the university of awbrin and tennesleaze....In fact I only pull for tennesleaze when they're playing the barnerbacks....How can you have any respect or appreciation for a bunch that has no desire to be the very best, and a school that it's very own players and recruits can't correctly name, Isn't that right Mr. Lemonier and Mr. Region????
I don't care about what school graduates more athletes, or has better GPA's amongst it's students....I don't believe in the words "student-athletes" & I don't pretend that college sports, at the major levels, are about anything other than winning and making money.....The NCAA threw that book out the window a long time ago.....
I spend my free time clubbing baby seals....

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  • Larry Burton posted 2928 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks for catching my mistake on the recruiting article... Shit, I had hundreds of googly posts, hundreds of comments on this damn site to respond to and my ears are ringing and I'm dizzy like a damn drunk...