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Jason Smith

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I am an Ottawa Senators fan and a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Those are the only 2 team I truly root for. But my secondary sport team are Chicago Blackhawks, Denver Broncos, and the Tampabay Lightning. I live just outside of Ottawa in a small town. Naturally thats how I became a Sens fan. I watched my first ever football game when I was 7. It was between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia eagles. It was of course the Superbowl. Since it was the only thing anybody cared about that night I decided to root for a team, even though I wasent into football at the time. I flipped a coin over what team. (HEADS-EAGLES) (TALES-PATRIOTS) It landed heads. Ever since then I have been a huge Eagles fan. I played highschool football for 4 years. I played cornerback. I even lead the league in interceptions with 5 in 7 games. My favourtie atheletes are Erik Karrlson, Steven Stamkos, Desean Jackson, Lesean Mccoy, and Zach Smith.

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