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Philadelphia born and raised.
I love Metal, Hard Rock, concerts, beer, hot rods, Watching tv. Song writing, electric guitars,, kung fu, crotch rockets, Magic tricks, The Renaissance Fair, sword fighting, drag racing, The Philadelphia Flyers, PHILLIES, Eagles, Sixers, WWE Wrestling (Edge Rules!), Jersey Shore, winter sports, ski trips to the pocono's, poker games.
Everyone says you have a twin, people keep telling me I look like that actor John Goodman. I dont see it really.

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  • chdykhll bdnohyks posted 2578 days ago

    chdykhll bdnohyks

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  • J posted 3109 days ago


    A slightly different (perhaps even humorous) look at CM Punk’s journey from face to heel…

  • J posted 3117 days ago


    BREAKING NEWS! The entire WWE creative team has been diagnosed with ADHD!
    It’s been a while since I have written a non-competition article, but I think I come up with a good one.
    A satirical look at some on-goings of the WWE, and reasons it implies the writers have ADHD…

    I hope you’ll have a read

  • Joe Burgett posted 3350 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    Hey trever just thought I'd let you know I liked the first artcle keep it up dude. And although I disagree with it, it does not matter it is still good. Cena will not turn heel that is certian. HE will come back most likely as Champ and then you have 3 prominat heels on RAW, Orton, Jericho, and JBL and well you could throw in Kane. With Batista asking for time off and not getting it because of injuries you are down a face, that is why Cena is a fortuante return. He has to face because of that. And it looks as if Orton will be next in line and we all know he has always been a great heel in match-ups, not ever a good face, even when he was younger after the Evolution split. He will get a shot at the World Title Cena will be carrying, the only people I see changing in all the WWE is Edge and Jeff Hardy. See since there is a rumored Chrstina Cage return the WWE is holding off Edge's return for December. He could reappear with Christian. And then become face for a small time. Hardy's new image has been taken well by the fans, but he looks like Edge did a few years ago when he first turned into a prominat heel right before he won the first MITB match. I like this Hardy, but he may be heel because of that phycotic extreme thing he is going for, and the fact HHH is a face. But it may not happen for either, and most certainly not for John Cena, people have been hoping for years to see Cena turn heel, but it isn't going to happen just yet, sorry

    -Joe Burgett

  • Joe Burgett posted 3368 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    Also one more person to check out on B/R is Ron Johnson, he writes college football and wrestling.

  • Matt Binks posted 3371 days ago

    Matt Binks

    war of independence?

    One out of 5 aint bad I guess.

    Well done.

  • Joe Burgett posted 3371 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    Well thank you, that makes me fell good that you like my stuff, although it may not be as well written as some people's articles. I do like reading other people's article too though, try people like Shane Howard or Ross Rutherford, they are great wrestling writers. and a great person to debate college football with is Lisa Horne. Just giving you a fw other peopel to look at too. Take care.

    Joe Burgett

  • Joe Burgett posted 3372 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    WOW dude I was coming to thank you for being a fan, but I saw what Matt had to say about me, kind of weird, I think he is a little out there. He is not much of a wrestling fan, as you may be able to tell, but I am. Agaian thanks for being my fan.

    little buddy?? LOL you got to hand it to him he is funny

  • Matt Binks posted 3372 days ago

    Matt Binks

    Why not comment on my board instead of Joes? If you have something you would like to comment on then please be my guest. I am at a little bit of a loss as what your agenda is with me. Frankly I just assume you are sticking up for a buddy, which is fair enough.

    So I will say this. When Joe starts producing quality work instead of copying other peoples, I will lay off him.

    So you can back and tell your little buddy that the nasty man will be leaving him alone.

    Ok diddums?