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  • Eguaoje Fredrick posted 1281 days ago

    Eguaoje Fredrick


  • Ray Martinez posted 2311 days ago

    Ray Martinez

    Is this Ike? If so... welcome back, brother!!!

  • Shooterdp33 posted 2312 days ago


    Ryan Car is exactly right! Honestly you are a terrible writer and are unfortunately stuck in your own sad beliefs..

  • Ryan Carvalho posted 2312 days ago

    Ryan Carvalho

    Now let me break this article and comment section down
    1.theres you a fan who sterotypes every Kobe fan in one way
    2. There is gonna be the lebro fan who says it doesnt matter anyway because lebron is better than both (I hate lebron)
    3. there is gonna be the idiot who brings up Kobes rape case for no apparent reason
    4. There are gonna be the people who call kobe fans idiots P**** or fa****** just to hide their own stupidity
    5. If everything was done by stats than Jordan wouldnt be the GOAT Kareem Abdul Jabar , Bill Russell, or even more Wilt Chamberlain would be recognized as greatest of all time
    6. than theres gonna be the random person who shouts out a completely different player than listed above
    7. Kobe doesnt want to be jordan he wants to be Kobe
    There i just said everything wrong with this slide and said what will and already has
    That and your the idiot who just happens to be all of the above than your going to curse at me threaten me say im an idiot than go back to what you already said in your article than your gonna log off tell your wife and/or girlfriend that you got into an argument on the computer what am i right on the money? i think so

  • Shooterdp33 posted 2312 days ago


    I find it funny that you spend much of your time on your knees in front of your beloved Michael Jordan. Stop hating on Kobe just because you see him as at threat to his "GOAT status"... Kobe is top 5 all time without a doubt. Open your eyes