Bradley Harrison

Bradley Harrison


Born in Iowa, I've been a lifelong Raiders fan (taking after my step-father). When I was about 10, I started watching the Braves on TBS and they just happened to be *really* good at the time, so I decided that they were my favorite baseball team (and I've been with them ever since). And when I was in second grade, a kid moved to my school from Washington State. I wanted him to like me and his favorite team was the Sonics, so I decided that they were my favorite too (when we balled, he was Shawn Kemp and I was The Glove). When the franchise was moved to OKC, because I had no geographic-logic to my fandom, I decided I would just follow the team there. I'm a fan to this day, though that friend is long gone.

I'm also a graduate student in Creative Writing at the University of Texas in Austin where I study both poetry and fiction. My work has been published in over a dozen internationally-distributed journals, including Gulf Coast, CutBank, Memorious, Devil's Lake, Owen Wister Review, as well as others.

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