Jack Staten

Jack Staten


Jack Staten

Jackie Ray Staten Jr. (born February 5, 1985) is a regular contributor to www.bleacherreport.com. His contributions are a direct reflection of his Chicago Bulls fandom and his perception of the team and their performance.


Born in Colorado Springs, CO, but has spent most of his life in New Bern, NC. Staten is a traditional reservist for the United States Air Force. An aircraft mechanic at Seymour Johnson, AFB, plans to enroll into Craven Community College to pursue a communications degree.

Fanhood Timeline

 Birth-1994 (Baltimore Orioles)*

 Birth-1995 (Denver Broncos)
 1995-Present (Carolina Panthers)

 Birth-2002 (Charlotte Hornets)
 2004-2007 (Charlotte Bobcats)**
 2007-Present (Chicago Bulls)

* When the players strike occurred in 1994 I gave up on MLB and turned my attention to the newly awarded NFL franchise the Carolina Panthers. I still watch playoff baseball and pull for the underdogs.

** Now this is a little more controversial. In short I gave up on the Charlotte Bobcats. I dedicated an entire blog to my decision to “turn in” my fandom towards the local basketball franchise. I decided from top to bottom the Charlotte Bobcats just didn’t care one bit about winning and took my fanhood elsewhere. I’m not proud of it; all my cherished childhood memories are Charlotte Hornet playoff games. I miss the days of Bogues, Curry, Burrell, Johnson, Hawkins, and Morning even though I thought he was a hack down in the paint. I’ve always chided bandwagon jumpers, and will continue to do so because I feel that my choice to “jump ship” was in response to what I felt was disrespect to my fanhood and not a “this team sucks, who won the championship last year?”

Bulletin Board

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  • Sam Brown posted 3245 days ago

    Sam  Brown

    Fellow Bulls Fans and NBA fans,
    I am writing for a new site that offers exclusive coverage all things Chicago Bulls. In addition to the type of articles I have been writing on the BR there is a game preview, prediction, and recap for every single game. Additionally there are segments on injury and trade news, ex-Bulls players and all sorts of other stuff. I would love it for you guys to check it out. It doesn't have the breadth of Bleacher Report so I'm not saying to go there instead of bleacher report, but if you want all things Bulls, Bullspen has the depth that you crave...


  • Scott Glisson posted 3315 days ago

    Scott Glisson

    Hey Jack,

    New article about the Bulls-Lakers game tonight. Take a look if you get a sec. Thanks!



  • Tim Coughlin posted 3337 days ago

    Tim Coughlin

    If you're wondering how to see what all the actual changes were, when you click on your story you should see a button called "Article History" near the top-right of the page. Click that, then click the check box for "Show Changes."

  • Tim Coughlin posted 3337 days ago

    Tim Coughlin

    No problem, and welcome to B/R.

    As you probably noticed, our formatting on lists looks like that with bolded subheadlines, no colon, one return after the subhead, and two returns before the next one. Once you get used to it, it feels like the way that looks best.