1. Forbes' List of the Ten Most Miserable Sports Cities

    Forbes.com ranked the ten worst sports cities using several measures including number of professional sports seasons to the number of titles.Misery loves company Forbes' list of the 10 most miserable sports cities: 1...

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  2. Oakland Raiders Could Surprise Next Year

    Under first-year head coach Lane Kiffin, the Raiders were competitive in most of the games they played last season, even with a new system on offense.They had a revolving door at QB and nobody respected their passing game because they did not have one...

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  3. Raider Analysis: A Closer Look at Nnamdi Asomugha

    Nnamdi Asomugha name is Nigerian and means "My Father Lives". Nnamdi is the Oakland Raiders 6'2", 210 lb Cornerback. Drafted by the Raiders in the 2003 draft he was the 31st player selected in the first round of the NFL Draft...

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  4. Done Deal: DeAngelo Hall Traded to the Oakland Raiders

    At ajc.com they are reporting that D. Hall stated on Tuesday that his deal to be traded to the Raiders will be signed by this coming Thursday.It has been reported by NFL Network and else where that the Raiders and Atlanta have already agreed on the trade.

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  5. Raiders Analysis: A Closer Look at Javon Walker

    When it became apparent Denver would release Javon Walker and he would become a free agent, Michael Smith of ESPN.com reported that "at least 10 teams," including all four NFC East franchises, were in contact with Walker's agent...

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  6. Experts Batting a Thousand Regarding the Raiders

    Every year, the so called "experts" jump down the throats of the Raiders for players signed and the money spent to sign them. Now, when you have been as bad as the Raiders have been over the past five years, you become an easy target...

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