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My top 10 NBA players of all times:


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  • Paul Pearson posted 1352 days ago

    Paul Pearson

    You replied to my comment:

    lixMxil 24 posted 6 minutes ago-
    "Kobe's legacy is set....second greatest Laker of all time and second best 2G in history, and top 10 All time NBA."
    kobe hater say that kobe is in the top 10 all time???!!!
    well....that a good start.--------

    And your list of All-Time NBA has Kobe at the 3rd best Laker behind Kareem, and Magic but some reason you call me a Kobe hater...if it wasn't so pathetic I would laugh about it...but come on are you a Kobe hater because I have him ranked ahead of you....

    lmao....I gotta be a fan of your now...just to learn what it takes to be a Kobe hater.

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 1418 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey lixmixl,

    Check out this ranking I did of the all-time best Lakers from 10-1. It was tough to do, because I think they have had the best individual talent of any team in the NBA, but I think you will find it interesting and probably a bit surprising. Let me know if you agree with my rankings when you have a chance. Thanks in advance.