Reece Thompson

Reece Thompson


Well i'm often been mistaken for Superman
Tried to become a stand up comic, only to be asked if i could do my material for kids so decided no
I was able to moonwalk until i was 15 then i lost my technique
I once saw Will Smith in a restaurant (In London)
I was born a healthy 6lbs 9oz.
Did a grueling 3 days of serious kickboxing training in 2009 (It was an offer i found in a magazine)
Grade 3 Guitar Player, Ohhhhhhh yeah I can play the rhythm to White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
I've forgotten my password to my all my social outlets, Facebook, Twitter and Skype
I play CDM (Central Defensive Midfield) for my local Sunday Soccer team Hilton Harriers

Born in the Tyne of Newcastle, but moved to Derbyshire. Attended 3 schools before i have finally finished my education now, Looking to write a couple of decent articles. Dont take life too seriously though. You know the saying WWJD (What would Jesus do), Well obviously i live on WWRD (What would Reece do). Big fan of Botchamania, Match of the Day, Z True Long Island Story, The Art of Wrestling (Hi Colt Cabana how ya doin ?), Right After Wrestling and Talk Sport. "Very committed guy who once he is guided along the right lines will be a great writer, however he p*sses around too much and can't take this f*cking job seriously" quote from my very first job boss Mr Thompson (Yes my own dad).

Life long Soccer and Wrestling fan. Go to as many matches/ live events as possible.

Some mixed quotes for you to enjoy

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi
"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience." - Unkown
"Music is my drug, I-tunes is my dealer" - A Face Book Group I joined
"Doc we can't remember a thing from last night HAHA. (Alan looks over to friends) Remember ??" - Alan from The Hangover

I see the quality of the quotes have dropped soo now im stopping

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