Timmy Bonilla


My name's Timmy and I love all Minnesota sports. The twins, timberwolves, vikings, wild are all awesome.
My favorite players are Kevin garnet and Randy Moss.

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  • Josh Truelove posted 3015 days ago

    Josh  Truelove

    who cares about the NBA? and LT wont break emmitts record. nobody will anytime soon. too many runningbacks are splitting carries and LT is already slowing down and hes gonna be next year. not too much time left

  • Josh Truelove posted 3015 days ago

    Josh  Truelove

    im from new york so im a yankee fan and a buffalo bills fan. buffalos in new york i dno if u kno that. and im a laker fan so what? who cares about the NBA? doesnt everyone just root for their favorite players? oh and LT might get close to the touchdown record, but nowhere near the rushing record. look it up dickface

  • Josh Truelove posted 3016 days ago

    Josh  Truelove

    Listen Jimmy, you write an article and then well see if you can talk trash. Not much to write about in Minnesota though, except for an overrated injury-prone fumbling running back.

  • Josh Truelove posted 3017 days ago

    Josh  Truelove