Pam Wolff

Pam Wolff


Hi, I'm Pam and I'm a chocoholic.

I played intramural and pick-up ice hockey at Michigan State for five years while I was attending college. I was a goalie, and I'm sure that says wonders for my sanity level. I don't play any longer because I killed my knees, but I still wish I could. Aside from hockey, I like to follow the Chicago Cubs, watch the occasional soccer game, watch the occasional horse race, and try to figure out who will win the next Iditarod. (Seriously, if you think goalies are crazy, dogsledding 1000+ miles through an arctic wilderness has to top that.) I also like recreational canoeing and kayaking. I like to watch the summer and winter Olympics.

My bio picture is of a ferret, because up until June of 2010, I shared my home with a ferret, Ivy. Right now, she’s living in Virginia with a friend, but she’s still my furry little muse. Myself, I’m currently living in the suburbs north of Chicago with my parents, but I’m a Chicagoan through and through. As to my family, I have a mother, a father, two brothers (we’re triplets!), three nephews and two nieces. The parents, brothers, and nieces/nephews all live in the suburbs of Chicago. I was born in June of 1968; I’ll let you do the math there.

The ferret is evil. Really.

Other than my sports interests, I love animals, reading, writing poetry and... ah... bunches of other things... oh yeah, and singing.

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