Austin Jones

Austin Jones


Austin has yet to fill out a bio.

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  • Corey Mac posted 1364 days ago

    Corey Mac

    That dude in that pic looks very familiar...SUUUCCCCKA!!!!

  • Josh Matt posted 1483 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Undead Warrior posted 1641 days ago

    Undead Warrior

    i must know the inspiration behind yer name

  • Derny News posted 1887 days ago

    Derny News

    hey booker ya see that boi sheamus put that boi ta sleep. that ref could count to a hundred

  • Theodore Long posted 1902 days ago

    Theodore Long

    Hey Booker, As the General Manager of Smackdown YOU'RE FIRED! HOLLA

  • Pat G posted 1905 days ago

    Pat G

    Yo dawg

  • Hamdi Hirz posted 1925 days ago

    Hamdi Hirz

    King Booka! It's time to fight back against the second Rachel Miller! go to the forums in the "Things we hate about B/R" and you'll find the article with his name as the title!
    Enough is Enough! Let's get the Pro Wrestling section back to normal!
    Can you dig it? Suka!!

  • Lawrence posted 1926 days ago


    "Aahhhhhh c'mon nowww dawg. Mah boi S.Cara was in mah fav five."


  • John Cobbcorn posted 1926 days ago

    John Cobbcorn

    You kill me, man. Simply hilarious.

  • RiZE posted 1935 days ago


    Hi, the final voting article for the CVC is up. Would appreciate your honest vote