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  • Andrew Williams posted 2307 days ago

    Andrew Williams

    Andy I loved how you described the fake Rafa Nadal, well said.

  • Rafa Nada posted 2341 days ago

    Rafa Nada

    nah. lets not lie Tim... u were banned, but fought it off and showed you weren't an actual part of Haddad's scheme.. They let you back and now ur watching urself as your on probation. I got it all from the horses mouth so to speak.

    btw.. bring out the worse.. ur buddy Haddad was the one who started this unprovoked.. Is that Nadals fault he has a fan like that?

  • Rafa Nada posted 2342 days ago

    Rafa Nada

    fair enough :-) It's over for both of us then. You won't hear from me unless I'm forced too by your actions or the other fake ids... peace.

  • Rafa Nada posted 2342 days ago

    Rafa Nada

    Everything you wrote to me is true but you forgot one thing: YOU started it! You were the one Sam who hid behind not 1 but 3 fake i.d.s, you were the one who said you were out to get people banned.... everything you say is really about you! I know what your trying to do though- u feel bad that you started this and you got outplayed. You got all your friends in trouble and that wouldn't have happened if you hadn't started this unprovoked. Now to try and save face, you pretend to be above it all, but it was all you........ Ur the losing invader who after gettign whipped and in retreat says:" I would have beaten you but I had better things to do" when the reality is he just got plain whipped. Anyway, as I keep saying.. I've done my mission that was asked of me, I got your friend Ruffin banned, ur banned and they are on the lookout for you, VJ is on probation and behaving.. I took mercy on your fake id hoping you would just let it be... I recommend that. if you don't further it, I'll end my mission... if not.... well u saw what happened.. So end it as you say you will.. If you want to pretend ur the bigger guy and not a loser like you said I was -even though all you said describes you- go ahead.. U need something to feel better..

  • Vee Jay posted 2343 days ago

    Vee Jay

    Well, I hope Ruffin will be back.

  • Rafa Nada posted 2343 days ago

    Rafa Nada

    Fighting back!!! lol!! I'm still here, so is Tom and the other Rafael! lol! All Sam did was get all of you banned or on probation! If you Nadal fans keep that up, it won't be 83% on here that think Federer is Goat, it will be 99%! You do realize Vee Jay that your doing exactly what Tim did that I was able to get him banned for? Consorting with Sam and his fake i.d.s. I spared you becasue I found you humoruos......... I thought my mission was over, but if you guys are going to continue this................ hmmm... nah, Sam has blown it enough.

    Ruffin isn't coming back.. at least as himself. I have bleacher watching for that.
    Just remember- all you guys did was get in trouble. good job.

  • Vee Jay posted 2344 days ago

    Vee Jay

    Why was Ruffin banned?
    Anyway I find comments of "Rafa Nada" and " Rafael Nadal", both reincarnations of the pseudo-doping expert have been deleted. So are all the comments of Tom Derringer, formerly Daniel Frazer.
    Obviously, Rafa fans are now hitting back unlike in the past when they sat helplessly watching the destruction of all Rafa fans and Rafa writers while Fed writers and fans got away with everything.
    When I first joined this forum, I was shocked that except for Sam Haddad and Tim Ruffin, no other Rafa fan gave me any support but silently watched from the sidelines. Some like Fae Coleman, Abraham George etc sat silently when Nadal was called a cheater or in decline or when there were assertions that he would retire in two years etc but attacked me merely for wondering whether it is time Roger retired ( fae said the comment was not "classy") and for reproducing an ungracious remark of Federer (Abraham told me to get a life). tennismom maintained a carefully neutral approach but recently she too sided with Fed fans in their attack on me.
    Some of these Rafa fans are holier-than-thou and think that by praising Federer or by siding with Fed fans in their attacks on other Rafa fans, they will be treated as objective or balanced. Alternatively Rafa fans could be scared of the majority Fed group.
    Hopefully we can now focus on tennis. But we need Ruffin back.

  • Rafa Nada posted 2345 days ago

    Rafa Nada

    Hi Sam! welcome! Thanks for helping to get Tim Ruffin banned. I'm sure he appreciates the hard work.