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  • Andrew Becker posted 1034 days ago

    Andrew Becker

    Ricky, as much as I understand that you are a Reigns fan, the article saying that Lesnar deserves less respect then him just seems to blow my mind of how backwards it seems... Yes, Lesnar doesn't show up every week on Raw, but that's because WWE made his contract like that back in 2012 with his AGENT, not him. If anything, Reigns deserves almost no real respect until he bloody well earns it. He hasn't done anything in the WWE except have one single PPV match, in which Orton had to carry him through it about 75% of the time, and then a Royal Rumble appearance. Most of the PPV matches while a part of the Shield are moot because we all know that Reigns was only used for the hot tags during those matches. You had Rollins and Ambrose both there to cover his arse and make sure that he didn't get exposed as the greenest possible wrestler/entertainer in the ring every match they had. Hence why, Ricky, your article seems more like some delusional tripe written by a fan that seems to not realize that respect is earned, not given (Aka; Lesnar earned alot of respect throughout his time, Reigns hasn't earned much at all)