Mohammed Haroon

Mohammed Haroon

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I am a young 16 year old Lakers fan. I am a die hard. My obsessional crave for Lakers victories started in 08

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  • Jose Mourinho posted 24 days ago

    Jose Mourinho

    Lakers FTW

  • Lord Harden posted 29 days ago

    Lord Harden


  • Miami Heat Fan 4 Life posted 34 days ago

    Miami Heat Fan 4 Life

    Lol I know now. Danny makes a lot more sense

  • Vitor Pereira posted 550 days ago

    Vitor Pereira

    I don't know where you learnt your math but if LBJ plays 8 more years averaging 26 ppg over 75 games like you said( thats 15,600 points over those 8 years), he would finish with 37,419 points (less than 1,000 to Kareem)... If kobes averages 22 ppg, 60 games for 3 more seasons, again like you said... Kobe would be at 35,660 points... you should check your numbers again... LBJ would be 2nd and kobe would be fourth going by your numbers

  • Long gone posted 572 days ago

    Long gone

    Hey Mohammed.

  • Emmanuel Torres posted 598 days ago

    Emmanuel Torres

    lakers suck!

  • Long gone posted 701 days ago

    Long gone

  • Real Airster posted 715 days ago

    Real Airster

    Another delusional Laker fan?

  • Long gone posted 775 days ago

    Long gone

    I fanned you.

  • Anish Gandhi2 posted 776 days ago

    Anish Gandhi2

    If brandon roy was healthy he would be better then lebron