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  • Andy Murray posted 2319 days ago

    Andy Murray

    Look man..its not that am scared or am running away. i just don't have time to deal with you. do you think i just sit at home behind my pc like you? i have responsibilties in my life and follow them. i had holidays and thats why i took on you. and now when they are over, i cant waste my time over you. also am nt hadad.
    and ya, i ROFL when you said you were here on a mission. lol..i came here to joke a bit and you took it literally. i dont think you have a social life. if you have one, then you are too bothered by your hatred for nadal to live plentifully your life. CIAO

  • Rafael Nadal posted 2320 days ago

    Rafael Nadal

    is that you who re-created another nadal poster?

  • Andy Murray posted 2321 days ago

    Andy Murray

    i was just trying to fight you back by replying when i thought 'why the hell am i doing this' and what will i get by doing this'? firstly you are nameless. you hide yourself behind nadal. this means am fighting an unknown person. stupid, no? its easy to write bullshit behind your pc screen. have you got any courage in real life? i seriously doubt it. moreover, when u come back 3 times in a row from being banned, this clearly shows you have got no social life. furthermore, does your allegations, accusations or hate comments against nadal help at all? whatever you do, nadal will never get stripped of his titles. he has 40million prize money and is enjoying. your comments do not affect him at all. so why should they affect me? i prefer watching nadal's matches and cheering him on than coming here to fight any stupid fan. i am happy when nadal wins and why should i spoil my happiness by seeing your comments? so i depart from here. spend your whole life here in trying to get vj, ruffin or other nadal fans banned while i really enjoy life. i hope on your deathbed you will say 'my greatest achievement in my life was to get ruffin(or hadad or vj) banned from bleacher report.' bloody loser! lol

  • S R posted 2321 days ago

    S R

    Just read that you're not the old Rafa Nadal, the one with the doping expertise. You said in the GOAT article he is now "Rafael Nadal" but they don't sound like the same person to me. Anyway, I was confused, my earlier message below is meant for the "original" @Rafa Nadal.

  • S R posted 2322 days ago

    S R

    Hey, so what's the deal? They ban you each time they publish a VJ propaganda? LOL. Are you sure about Ruffin being banned? What did he do? I just posted a big comment in the GOAT article venting about my other posts critical of him being deleted. Oops, I didn't know he's gone. I kind of feel sorry for him. Not a bad guy, just a bit full of himself.

  • Rafael Nadal posted 2322 days ago

    Rafael Nadal

    Hi. I also hate Nadal like you. I saw these guys troubling you since many days and i decided to help you a bit. 2 is better than 1, i think. if you got anything for me..just inbox me. i really want to kick the a## of these guys!

  • Andy Murray posted 2322 days ago

    Andy Murray

    hey you know what..i have decided to get the whole atp tour down on you. its gonna be hell
    its gonna be a crazy blog now..haha
    watch out for juan martin del potro or robin soderling..
    they are going to be the next ones..
    i hope i get enough time to bring the top 100 into blog
    pray for me..

  • Novak Djokovic posted 2322 days ago

    Novak Djokovic

    where the hell is the 'L"?
    they didn't allow you to put it?lol
    don't worry..we will vanish you again...

  • Roger Federer posted 2322 days ago

    Roger Federer are back.
    i think i know why you hate nadal.
    its a bit of a personal problem, no?
    your girlfriend is mad about nadal, no?
    and peter dreach, you just can't just digest that?
    lol..peter from the beginning i knew it was you using this fake account!

  • Vee Jay posted 2322 days ago

    Vee Jay

    I don't have to prove anything to you. You and the other Fed fans are constantly harassing me. What do you think gives you this right?
    Do not post anything on my bulletin board or on my article threads. I want to have nothing to do with one such as you. I will not respond to any more of your remarks as your sole purpose is to harass me with false allegations.