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Christian is a 27 year old Delaware native. He works hard and plays harder. He is a wrestling die hard since birth, and his last name is technically in the WWE Wrestling Hall of Fame, although technically not spelled the same.

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  • Hayley-L Graham posted 2413 days ago

    Hayley-L Graham

    In what I consider my best piece to date, take a look back at the original wrestling dynasty!

    Comments/Feedback all appreciated and welcomed!

  • Callum Graham posted 2415 days ago

    Callum Graham


  • J posted 2485 days ago


    BREAKING NEWS! The entire WWE creative team has been diagnosed with ADHD!
    It’s been a while since I have written a non-competition article, but I think I come up with a good one.
    A satirical look at some on-goings of the WWE, and reasons it implies the writers have ADHD…

    I hope you’ll have a read

  • Stephen Marth posted 2580 days ago

    Stephen Marth

    You're more than welcome to change it. Sadly, B/R has few WWE pics (only Wrestlemania 23 from what I saw) and we're told to avoid logos at any or all cost.

    If you need anything else edited, let me know.

    Great work though!

  • J posted 2587 days ago


    Check out my latest article on what position the WWE’s tag team division will be left in post WrestleMania…

  • J posted 2595 days ago


    I have posted a competition for WrestleMania XXV predictions, so have a look and get involved.
    It’s just for a it of fun, but should hopefully put an end to all these prediction articles.

  • J posted 2597 days ago


    This is the third in my “connections” series, and I think my favorite so far. Taking a slightly different look at the wrestling world, through philosophy and ethics…

  • J posted 2601 days ago


    check out my sequel to my "Mathematical Connections to Wrestling" article...

  • AkD posted 2619 days ago


    Thanks for reading my articles Christian. I enjoyed your feedback. I have another article and I think it may be POTD worthy. I put my heart into this one, so could you check it out? Thanks.

  • Ryan Michael posted 2656 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    I faned you due to the excellent Orton article. Check some of my stuff out, hopefully you'll feel the same.

    -Ryan Michael