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cory williams

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Huge mma fan that has too much free time to watch.

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  • tefupilp gkkfsbhs posted 2485 days ago

    tefupilp gkkfsbhs

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  • Dorothy Willis posted 3320 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    Are you sure you are a H-FOD? I find that so hard to believe because I am not a fan of BJ Penn's at all. Oh, and I love Matt Serra. I am pulling for Serra against Hughes who is from my home state Illinois. However, I just sent a message to BJ explaining that although I am not his fan, there are many on this site who are and inviting him to come to B/R. So maybe you will get lucky and he will come here and you can talk. The ball is in BJ's court, so we will see what he chooses to do. I wish you luck.

  • Dorothy Willis posted 3328 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    Cory, Are you from Hawaii or the west coast? I wonder because where I live it is 12:34 AM. My husband worries that I stay up so late, that is why I am asking--well that and I am curious by nature. It does seem that most of the Penn fans live on the west coast, however. Thanks for commenting on my article and welcome to the MMA community. I'll be seeing you around I'm sure.