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  • Rob Goldberg posted 2181 days ago

    Rob Goldberg

    I am not sure who has the most picks, but it would be hard to imagine a team topping Miami.

    As far as the other question, I appreciate that you added having the entire offseason to prepare. That would definitely make a difference. However, rookies usually struggle in the NFL. Every year there are no more than about 5-10 rookies with above average seasons.

    In one game, even the best players will make more mistakes than the veterans and it will cost them the game. NFL still wins.

  • Larry Burton posted 2193 days ago

    Larry Burton

    2011 is a better defense.....

  • Larry Burton posted 2193 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks for the FAN VOTE! Mucho Appreciado!

  • Chris Lane posted 2316 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Don't take my message to you on the "Iron Bowl" vs. "The Game" personally. It is a matter of opinion and I think that you are forgetting about the past a bit. The past DID happen. The past molded our rivalries. By the numbers...The Iron bowl does not compare to The Game. Read the article and the number of top notch athletes and hall of famers that played in the games. Auburn/Alabama is just outclassed and trust me...OSU and Michigan have plenty of passion and way more to spare. I wrote this to you to try to avoid a big fight...I always thought that OSU/UM was the biggest game of the year and always has been, Only the last 2 years could have changed it and the last 2 years ARE NOT enough to change it! Good luck to you and your Tide. I think that LSU is #1 and Bama is #2. LSU's schedule is atrocious though. I give you the inside track at the title this year but still have LSU as #1, if they can get decent QB play and knock off Oregon. Again...good luck to you and your team. Take care, brother

  • Russ Stanton posted 2321 days ago

    Russ Stanton

    Thanks for the Like first article for BR, hope to see you often.