Erik  Landi

Erik Landi


When I was first born I lived in NORCAL (Mountain View) for six months, then my family and I moved to Brendisi, Italy for 2 years. When my dad's contract expired with the U.S. Government expired we moved once again. This time we ended up in Norfolk, England were I spent the next 7 years growing up. In England I attended a private school named Cherry Tress, I play soccer and traveled a lot. My first trip away from my parents was to France when I was 7 years old there we toured the French country side. After england we moved back to the United States where I attended a catholic grade school named St. John of the Cross were I graduated. From St. John I went to High Tech High Media Arts in Point Loma were I graduated with top marks at school. Now attending UCSD I am pursuing my dream of becoming an Electrical engineer just like my dad.

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