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  • Undead Warrior posted 2583 days ago

    Undead Warrior
    please check it out and leave your thoughts

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 2638 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    I thought you got kicked off the site?

  • Indrid Cold posted 2915 days ago

    Indrid Cold

    Hellooooo, lady! :)

  • Indrid Cold posted 2948 days ago

    Indrid Cold


  • Juan posted 2948 days ago


    But Slave, why are you letting them win?

  • Svyato Rovenchuk posted 2952 days ago

    Svyato Rovenchuk

    What I mean is I know I did the interview. The account looks legit, but shit happens and it might turn out to be untrue.

  • Andrea Claire posted 2953 days ago

    Andrea Claire

    p.s. That's so strange that your comment got deleted. I thought you meant our comments got deleted in Juan's thread. I just realized it was missing from my wall.

    Hmmm . . . I guess the B/R comment police are patrolling the neighborhood, which is weird bc they usually wont delete a comment unless its really profane or vulgar.

    Thank God they don't patrol my private mailbox on here. Now, that's where all the really GOOD comments are!

  • Andrea Claire posted 2953 days ago

    Andrea Claire

    Whew, is right!

    I was so disappointed! I had seen you around in comment threads and I was thinking, “Finally, yes! This girl kicks all kinda ass!”

    I tread lightly and go easy on the other girls here bc I have to . . . they’re delicate.

    I’ve seen you in comment threads, you’re brilliant!
    When we got our wires crossed, I was like, come on, don’t go soft on me now!!!

    There are very few women in this community and even fewer who are brave enough to take a stand or worse, simply bow to conformity and take the “stance du jour.”

    Believe me, both on and off B/R, I am all about a strong women’s division and most certainly not about creating division amongst women :)

    As far as Taker, he scares me, and not bc of his menacing character
    I actually fear for the poor man every time he sets foot in the ring!
    Five minutes into a match, the guy looks like he’s about to spiral into cardiac arrest!
    Time to hang up the tights, old man!

    And, explain to me the logic behind how he is needed to put young talent over
    That’s like me giving my 80 year old grandmother a beat down and telling the cops,
    “No really, officer, she was teaching ME a lesson!”

    I’m glad we got things straightened out
    Now, let’s go terrorize the neighborhood!

  • Svyato Rovenchuk posted 2953 days ago

    Svyato Rovenchuk

    I'm saying it could be, but I did check it out and the Melina account seemed fairly realistic. If you still think I make it up then by all means keep thinking that. What do I care? I know it's real and that's all I need. And honestly you talked about her praising Stratus and Jericho. What diva in the right mind wouldn't consider Trish an all time great? Well Jericho, I was taken off guard when she said that, but if she did she did(not arguing it because he is the best in the world today). But if you think it's all fake like I said before by all means go ahead.