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Spool Cat


Well i discovered Bleacher Report at the end of June 2011 and have really enjoyed it. I would also like to think I have become a recognized commentor at least in in the wrestling section I am however a bigger hockey fan with my favorite team being the Edmonton Oilers as i'm sure most people that have seen my comments have gathered with my favorite player being Sidney Crosby. As for WWE my favorite wrestlers are Randy Orton,CM Punk, Air Boom and Rey Mysterio.
I would like to write for Bleacher Report and have applied before but was refused
I have a conditon that may cause me to write inappopriate comments so please be mindful of that if you are offended by a comment I made I am sorry if I do offened you

Stop the Narrowing of the Autism Spectrum if this happens thousands of people of people with a lesser form of Autism called Aspergers Syndrome will lose the help they need

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