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Writer and cartoonist straight out of the boogie down Bronx. Old School wrestling fan trying to find his place in the world of sports entertainment. Old School 4ever and loving it. Preparing to return to school to earn his Masters in Creative Writing. A progressive freedom of speech writer who every so often likes to talk a boatload of smack. Gets off on intelligent conversation. Always the Devil's Advocate. Fan of the absurd (hope I spelled that right). Catalyst for change and paying the cost to be the Boss. Now can you dig that!

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  • CM Mox posted 1639 days ago

    CM Mox

    You're welcome :)
    I prefer Mox ;)

  • Ryan L posted 1701 days ago

    Ryan  L

    You always earn it, My friend.

  • this is not my real name posted 1750 days ago

    this is not my real name

    You should fix your article. It's filled with mistakes. For one, WM XXX is next year and Ziggler's contract would expire 8 months before WM XXX. Two, Ziggler never won the SmackDown MitB contract as there never was a SmackDown MitB contract. It was for the World Heavyweight Championship MitB contract, therefore he HAS to cash in on the World Heavyweight Champion and he CAN'T cash in on the WWE Champion.

  • Ryan L posted 1802 days ago

    Ryan  L

    When are you going to write again, man?

  • Sports Lover posted 1804 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Just fan added you

  • Y2J is the best posted 1946 days ago

    Y2J is the best

    No problem, you only told the truth.

  • K posted 1968 days ago


    You don't have to thank me.I should be thanking you for writing the article.Thank you.

  • Ryan L posted 2084 days ago

    Ryan  L

    Thank you, man. I respect your opinion and your articles. You are talented man. Keep it up.

  • Lita's Thong posted 2156 days ago

    Lita's Thong

    You're more than welcome - Keep the good work coming!

  • Kevin Germany posted 2171 days ago

    Kevin Germany

    Part 2!