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  • P D posted 407 days ago

    P D

    Yes you won, but it could have gone the other way if Lewandowski would not miss any opportunity against Bayern since he signed the contract with Munich ;).//

    To the best of my knowledge Guardiola doesn't want him neither do I :D Quite happy with Goetze you know as the false 9 ;) I don't want any striker at this point,unless its Luis Suarez.

  • P D posted 407 days ago

    P D

    Dortmund has the 3rd highest budget and currently on the third position despite a ridiculous number of injuries. I don't see a problem here, but we can always laugh about Schalke together..//

    Lol yeah bogus fraud coach and fraud club,dunno how they got past Basel.Played vs Chelsea as if they were so happy just to be there. I think Real Madrid will make some kind of scoring record vs them.The only reason they are in round of 16 is their high ranking in UEFA. But still i don't think clubs like Gladbach or Wolfsburg are ready for Europe yet.

    It was you who predicted the future and interpreted the results when you said that Dortmund "lacked the ability" to beat the top teams when this was clearly not the case. We beat Arsenal and Napoli h2h who ought to be considered on the same level as Gladbach or Wolfsburg and we played quite well against the latter under the circumstances.//

    I never said that,all i did was to state a fact that BVB haven't beaten any team in Bundesliga top 5 thats all. I very well know BVB can beat anyone on their day,though you will agree the creativity lacks this season.I still feel Eriksen would be a better choice than him rotting at Spurs but seems like most of you guys are happy with Mkhtiriyan,so good for you.

  • P D posted 408 days ago

    P D

    Dortmund are still active in the German Cup and the CL and have quite unusually got favourable draws in both competetions. Nobody cares how many points Bayern are ahead since Bayern are without competetion anyway.//

    At the start of the season you were boasting quite a bit,nice to see you have piped down. Thats what happens when you surrender the trophy mid season. At least Leverkusen with 1/3rd your size and budget still has some fight in them. Perhaps they care about points.

  • P D posted 408 days ago

    P D

    Only the loss against Bayer was deserved, and even then I was not impressed by Leverkusen's performance given the circumstances. Dortmund was incredibly unlucky to lose against Gladbach, thanks to their bad finishing . Dortmund could have won against Wolfsburg and certainly did not deserve to lose against Bayern, but again bad finishing was at fault. All in all it was a combination of bad luck and injuries which caused Dotmund to not win one game, not their inability to beat top teams, not to mention that they have beaten teams like Arsenal and Napoli already. I expect to Dortmund to win at least 3 out 5 games in the Rueckrunde.//

    There is always excuses,we dominated against you in every department and you deserved to lose,guess what this is a game decided by putting the ball in the back of the net,its not a 1-1 draw lost on penalties,2-0,3-0 are comprehensive losses. You lost all 4 games and thats a fact,anyone can predict the future the issue is what are facts.

  • P D posted 540 days ago

    P D

    I agree, we should develop players and every club even clubs with major investors like PSG are mixing big names with youth. Take their purchase of Veratti and now Digne ,Matuidi etc along with Zlatan,Lavezzi andThiago Silva. I have always said Goetze wasn't needed but with Gomez gone Lewandowski would be better. I guess they purchased him because Ribery and Robben are getting old and they had failed to attract Reus. Its good that Guardiola refused any more CBs,that would be highly unecessary even if Badstuber is injured, plus I am sure Emre will play in 2-3 yrs time. I always believe a squad should have a mix of big names,young players who are hungry and willing to learn and team players like Mueller who will work hard so that his team succeeds. Having a galacticos squad makes people think everyone knows best and undermines the importance of the coach. Forget galacticos,we faced this problem under Hitzfeld when everyone was an established player and thought they knew everything. Thats why I have been saying to all Bayern fans the same thing the management says,if Guardiola makes changes and it works its the duty of the players to listen to their boss. Tomorrow for example someone can't join Dortmund and say "Hey i don't like pressing its very boring and I will play the way I want because I scored a lot".

  • P D posted 541 days ago

    P D

    There is one thing you have to keep in mind about Lahm,he has been injury free,hence I fel his body will continue a bit longer like Kahn,Ballack,Matthaus,Maldini,Zanetti,Giggs etc but we should still look for a replacement. Roede is my best guess but we cannot rule out Mitchell Weiser, it seems Bayern wanted him at the first team squad this yr and Guardiola already likes him. It will be one of these two. Personally I would prefer Weiser because I like his style of play more. But then again Bayern being Bayern we might do something crazy on the transfer market next couple of yrs and buy someone. Next yr Rafinha will leave so maybe we will have to buy a defender. Also lets not forget Jerome Boateng can play RB like he did for Germany,so who knows maybe if Badstuber is fit and raring to go we will have options.

  • P D posted 542 days ago

    P D

    I was hoping he makes it to the WC,now that slow Mertesacker will play,god help Germany! He and Hummels forms a good partnership. The good thing though is Boateng is playing well,though knowing Low he ll play Lahm LB and Boateng RB!

  • P D posted 543 days ago

    P D

    Ok no problem, however what I was trying to indicate is you are always welcome to my homepage but I was expecting a more personal conversation. Anyways irrespective of what I said in the forum you will agree its always harder to admit you are wrong, so if I am wrong on the Hoeness issue I will be man enough to admit it and you are welcome to insult me as much as you want then. However same goes to you,no need to delete account,just be man enough and admit you are wrong. Irrespective of what happens he is still innocent and will be so till the court pronounces him. Right now there is not even a trial!

  • P D posted 544 days ago

    P D

    Just out of curiosity why do you always post the same thing in the community and my profile? It makes you look more retarded than you actually are or.....

  • P D posted 558 days ago

    P D

    Dortmund only spent the money got from selling their players, you can spend money you have earned.//

    Exactly,so do Bayern. We spend the money we earn. So stop pretending to hold a moral high ground. In fact its your history which suggests you didn't in the past unlike us. You will have a right to call us "buyern" the day you have a business model like Ajax or Porto. Funny thing is despite being a talent factory and selling club both those teams have bigger trophy cabinets than you including European trophies.