Kenn Korb

Kenn Korb


I'm first and foremost a Green Bay Packers fan, but though my loyalty is deep don't be mislead; I am a major fanatic of the sport in general and put in plenty of time and effort in learning, discussing and deciphering all I can about it every day. I absolutely love sports in general, whether it's playing, watching, geeking out on stats, or just talking about them. Without the Packers though, I would not be anywhere near the fan and participant in them I am today; the influence they had on me at a young age and helped in creating such a profound interest in the essence of sports and competition.

Beyond the Packers and NFL, I am an avid fan of basketball as well, with my team being the Phoenix Suns from back in the halcyon days of the Nash-era "7 Seconds or Less" teams (loving this surprising start to the Hornacek-era teams btw). Also been a tennis fan since I played in high school, with Novak being my favorite player during that whole time. I do occasionally keep track of soccer worldwide too, but mostly just to keep tabs on major players or for the big tournaments like the UEFA Cups and of course the World Cup (so excited for the one this summer!).

Actual info: I'm Kenn Korb, 22 going on 23 and living currently in the large domain that is Los Angeles,
California. Graduated from college at the University of Dubuque in Iowa last May with a BS in Computer Graphics & Interactive Media (CGIM for short; also known as Graphic Design). Still on the job hunt as of now, but something will have to sprout up sometime soon, but in the meantime in between job searches I keep myself occupied with sporting things (shooting basketball, working out occasionally), reading bunches of sports articles, emptying my Netflix queue (which has included tons of 30 for 30 docs in the past couple months), and exploring the wonders of the city to take pictures and increase my photographic abilities. Just like any athlete-minded person, I am constantly trying to improve my skills across all aspects, although for me my motivation lies pretty much entirely in fun instead of future money (though the two do tend to fall in the same boat in multiple cases, which is a bonus). I am always competitive in everything I do, whether it is to win or just improve; to beat everyone, another group, or myself; in sports, designing, or just living. It helps keep me going, and to shape who I am; for better or worse.

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