I was born and raised just outside of Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the Vaudreuil-Soulange region. I have been living in my nation's capital, Ottawa, with my long time girl friend since 2007. I graduated from McGill university with a B.Sc. in psychology and work in Enterprise Risk Management.

I am a diehard sports fan, I try to keep track of the NFL, NHL, CFL, UFC, Snowboarding, the Olympics and both ATP and WTA tennis. I am not a tremendous athlete myself, but I was a competitive swimmer, pitched in baseball, played water polo, play tennis to stay in shape and have been snowboarding for over ten years.

Please follow me on twitter for updates and news: http://twitter.com/Leon_Horne

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  • Leon Horne posted 1294 days ago

    Leon Horne

    Mighty Mouse looked mighty fast last night against the Dominator. He was simply to aggressive, didn't think about the takedowns, I think if he would have fought more in and out like Frankie Edgar did against BJ Penn he would have had a better chance. Anyone agree?

  • Leon Horne posted 1294 days ago

    Leon Horne

    What's next for Stefan Struve? Maybe Brendan Schaub? Both guys are trying to reach that next level and have failed when the competition was stepped up, so a showdown between the two wouldn't be a bad idea. What do you guys think?

  • Sting Fan posted 1372 days ago

    Sting Fan

    Hey Leon,

    I just saw the comments you left me over a year ago when I had to close my account.

    No, sorry to disappoint you, but I removed my articles and closed my account, etc. because I was going thru a nasty divorce and my ex was saying that I was a bad father and husband for writing on this sort of website. I was told by my lawyer to delete it all until the divorce was over.

    And by the way, my articles from 2 years ago predicted that JDS and Cain would be the top HW's, with Carwin right behind them. Wow, amazing, isn't it?

    You shouldn't make assumptions...I would never remove an article for the reasons you stated, and I stand behind anything and everything I ever wrote...

  • Tom posted 1831 days ago


    Hey man, if u get a chance check out my latest


  • jason hughes posted 1840 days ago

    jason hughes


  • Tom posted 1894 days ago


    Hey Leon, enjoyed our discussion over Sonnen, wondered if you've seen my History of Jiu Jitsu series. I'm a Gracie-Barra jiu jitsu student and about to finish this thing off